Christmas Family Women Men Sleepwear Pajamas Set Striped Cotton Holiday Outfits

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Size chart ( Inches )
Size:S — Top length:25.4″ Bust:40.6″ Sleeve:22.2″ Pants length:38.6″ Waist:25.0″
Size:M — Top length:26.1″ Bust:42.9″ Sleeve:22.6″ Pants length:39.0″ Waist:27.3″
Size:L — Top length:26.9″ Bust:45.2″ Sleeve:23.0″ Pants length:39.4″ Waist:30.4″
Size:XL— Top length:27.7″ Bust:47.6″ Sleeve:23.4″ Pants length:39.8″ Waist:33.5″
Size:XXL—Top length:28.5″ Bust:49.9″ Sleeve:23.8″ Pants length:40.2″ Waist:36.7″
Size:s — Top length:22.2″ Bust:35.1″ Sleeve:20.7″ Pants length:37.4″ Waist:24.2″
Size:M — Top length:23.4″ Bust:37.4″ Sleeve:21.5″ Pants length:38.6″ Waist:27.3″
Size:L — Top length:23.8″ Bust:38.2″ Sleeve:21.8″ Pants length:40.6″ Waist:30.4″
Size:XL —Top length:25.7″ Bust:41.3″ Sleeve:22.2″ Pants length:41.3″ Waist:33.5″
Size:2T — Top length:14.0″ Bust:21.1″ Sleeve:11.7″ Pants length:17.6″ Waist:15.6″
Size:3T — Top length:14.8″ Bust:21.8″ Sleeve:12.5″ Pants length:18.3″ Waist:16.4″
Size:4T — Top length:16.4″ Bust:22.6″ Sleeve:13.7″ Pants length:19.9″ Waist:17.2″
Size:5T — Top length:17.2″ Bust:23.4″ Sleeve:14.4″ Pants length:21.5″ Waist:17.9″
Size:6T — Top length:18.7″ Bust:25.0″ Sleeve:15.2″ Pants length:23.4″ Waist:18.7″
Size:1M — length:17.6″ Chest:16.4″ Shoulder:8.2″ Age:1-2Months
Size:3M — length:18.3″ Chest:17.9″ Shoulder:8.6″ Age:3Months
Size:6M — length:19.1″ Chest:19.5″ Shoulder:9.0″ Age:6Months
Size:9M — length:21.1″ Chest:21.1″ Shoulder:9.4″ Age:9Months
Size:12M — length:22.6″ Chest:22.6″ Shoulder:9.8″ Age:12Months
Size:18M — length:24.2″ Chest:24.2″ Shoulder:10.1″ Age:18MonthsMaterial: Cotton Blend, Polyester

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